As a conscientious and educated consumer, you need to have a basic understanding of auto body work estimates. Work estimates, which are usually done by reputable auto body companies like Northeast Collision, provide you with a price range or a general snapshot of what you should expect to pay based on the damages that are most evident.

Experienced Mechanics

A good and experienced auto body shop like Northeast Collision has enough experience to provide accurate estimates. Less experienced mechanics might underestimate the amount of work involved, or overlook critical auto body repair needs. If you are lured by a low estimate, you could be shocked when you go to pick up your car and the invoice is nowhere near what you were told.

Get Multiple Estimates

For this reason, estimates that seem too good to be true probably are. It is always a good idea to get multiple estimates so that you can receive a more accurate reading of what you should be paying. To save time, you can take the vehicle to a few auto body shops in the same area before settling on one that can do the work as quickly as possible.


The time it takes to complete the auto body work depends on many factors including the make and model of the car and the extent of the damages. You might also want to spread out the work over the course of several weeks, doing only the necessary jobs first before minor cosmetic details. Getting an estimate will help you break down the costs, so that you can pick and choose what work you want to be done first. Your choices may also depend on your insurance deductible and what your coverage will pay for in each case. Ultimately, a estimate from Northeast Collision will save you time and money on any auto body work you face after experiencing an accident.

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