Northeast Collision, Plainfield, New Jersey auto body repair shopThere is no shortage of care repair shops in Plainfield, NJ. Quality car service requires more than just the normal, though. You must find auto body service in Plainfield, NJ that is willing to go above the norm. Here are some common characteristics that set the best apart from the rest.

Customer service

The best shops have excellent customer service, straight from the moment they are contacted. Shops must realize that the key to success is satisfied customers. The service industry relied heavily on referrals and word of mouth marketing. Make sure the auto body service in Plainfield, NJ is one that works in an environment of respect, professionalism, accountability and open communication.

The mechanics

Most auto body repair shops are named after the chief mechanic or owner of the establishment. Look beyond them if you want the best for your car; the back-up experts are the backbone of any auto repair shop.. The best shops must have mechanics that are both competent and personable. For an auto repair shop to run smoothly, they must be properly equipped with the latest knowledge and technical skills. They must have passed industry tests and certification and must have across the board experience.


All through the repair process, you will likely want to regular update and progress. Car owners want to know what is wrong with their vehicles and how they can avoid future issues. The only way useful communication happens between the car owner and their repairman is if the mechanic has the right personality and attitude.


While this is not always easy, many people appreciate an honest and forthcoming auto body repair professional. Even for cars of the same make and model, small variations might make the difference between a long term solution and a nagging problem. Be wary of garages that offer blanket solutions without looking into what exactly is wrong with the vehicle. One of the surest ways to gauge whether the company in question is an honest service provider is their warranty terms. Warranties should be able to last at least a year or for several thousand miles. It shows the garage is confident enough in their services to guarantee this.
Are you looking for the best auto body service in Plainview NJ? Look no further than the North East Collision garage. We offer the highest quality services across the whole repair process. Call us for a estimate today.

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