There are many reasons you might be considering changing your car paint. You might have bought a used car and do not like the color and want to change it to something that reflects your personality and style. Or, you might find that your car is looking old and tired and needs a paint touch-up for cosmetic reasons. Some people in New Jersey change their car paint while their auto body shop is doing the repairs after a collision. Regardless of why you do it, changing your car paint is no easy decision and there are some things you might want to consider.

1. The cost

Car paint varies in cost considerably, depending on the quality of the paint, the type of paint, the rarity of the color, the make of your car, and the quality of the auto body shop. However, you can go to a place like Northeast Collision and ask for an estimate before committing.

2. Trends don’t last

Did you just see a car painted Kermit green and you think that would look great on your Buick? Before you jump into a radical new hue, think about living with that color for the duration of your car’s life—or at least until you are ready to fish out the money for a whole new paint job if you later decide you are sick of the color.

3. Time

Painting a car takes longer than some people think. A real pro shop like Northeast Collision knows that you have to prep the car first, probably applying several layers of primers, especially when the previous paint job was a dark color. If you are in a hurry or expect to see your car back the same day, think again about changing your car paint.

4. Aesthetics

Not all cars look good in all colors. Minis and other cute cars might be able to rock a wide range of colors, but not everyone has a car that looks good in all hues. Similarly, there are a lot of different kinds of paint finishes like metallic versus matte and everything in between.

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