Perfect your Paint Job: Auto Body Painting with Northeast Collision

Your paint job is one of the first things people notice about your car.  A paint job that is damaged, whether because of a wreck or because of aging, can decrease both the monetary value of the car and the joy you derive when you get into your car.  Fixing your car’s paint job can give your car a new lease on life.  Whether it means giving your car a whole new look or simply matching paint for a repair, Northeast Collision’s ASE and I-CAR certified paint technicians can handle everything you need.

If you have been looking for an auto body paint job, you may have encountered a wide range of price points.  You may be tempted to go with the cheapest paint job you can find, and value is certainly important, but you want to make sure that you are comparing prices for the same services.  Not all paint jobs are created equal.  A basic paint job may mean merely putting a coat of paint on the car, but that type of paint job is unlikely to last.  A high-quality paint job involves a greater degree of care.  The surface needs to be prepared for the painting in order for paint to adhere properly. 

You also need to think about any services that are included in a paint job.  Does the price of the paint job involve fixing any minor dings, dents, scratches, or gouges that could impact the finished product?  If not, will those repairs be made at an extra cost, or will the car just be painted without the repair?  We include buffing out scuff marks, touching up scratches, and detailing the car in the price of our paint jobs.  It is also important to consider whether your entire car is being painted, and, if so, whether the cost of painting interior painted surface, like the inside of doors or the trunk, will also be painted. Knowing this information helps you compare the real costs of different paint jobs.

We provide a lifetime warranty on any structural repairs and all of our paintwork. We use a PPG water borne paint system that uses computerized paint matching and a down draft heated spray booth, which makes sure that your paint matches your factory paint job and has a professional paint finish.

Of course, the actual repair is only one of the challenges people face when getting a car repaired. In addition to

  • Down draft heated spray booth – this allows for a professional paint finishAuto Body Repair NJ Car Painting
  • Car-O-Liner and Chief frame machines
  • Car-O-Liner Vision electronic measuring system, this equipment allows for precise measuring of frame damage within 1mm of factory specifications with before and after printouts
  • Aluminum welding and Silicon Bronze welding to duplicate factory welds on high strength steel and boron
  • PPG water borne paint system – with computerized paint matching and safe for the environment

If you need paint as part of an auto body repair, then one of your concerns will be paint matching.  Because paint color changes with age and with the conditions that the car experiences, it is not enough to use an original paint color.  Doing so is almost guaranteed to result in paint that does not match.  At Northeast Collision, we use paint-matching software to match your paint, not just to the original color, but also the original finish. 

To find out more about Northeast Collision’s auto paint process, contact us today.

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