More than Just Clean: Auto Detailing Doctor Your Dents with Northeast Collision’s Auto Body Detailing

Even if you are a super-clean person, the chances are that your car has seen better days.  You know that winter snow, ice, and dirt do a number on a car’s exterior, but you may not realize that they can also do a number on your interior as well.  Has your car been covered in caked on mud and dirt on its paint and tires?  Do your floor mats and seats have salt, dirt, and grime embedded in them?  The answer to those questions is probably yes, but it does not have to be.  Bring your car in for a complete auto detailing at Northeast Collision and we can help you get your car in close to showroom condition.

A great detailing begins with an exterior wash.  This is not your average carwash.  We let the soap foam, softening the grime, dirt, and mud that is caking your car’s surface.  Cleaning the exterior is an important first step, because it keeps us from transferring dirt from the exterior to the interior and from scratching or damaging paint when we move onto buffing or polishing.  Once the dirt is removed, we wash the car again and we use an automotive clay on the car.  The purpose of the clay is to remove any dirt that has bonded to the surface.  This is followed by polishing and/or buffing, which eliminates light imperfections in the paint’s surface, like scratches or swirls.  Polishing can restore scratches, but not gashes or gouges.  Polishing is followed by waxing, which not only makes your car shine, but also helps protect it from the elements.

One of the most important steps in the process is cleaning the wheels.  Normally, we do that after a thorough washing, but before the waxing.  We use special cleaning products and brushes to remove all of the dust and grime from all parts of your wheel.  We do not just focus on the hubcaps, but make sure and get all of the dirt out from your lug nuts, wheels, and brake calipers.  Many people skip cleaning the wheels in their normal cleaning process, but wheels are almost really dirty and a shiny, clean wheel makes a huge difference in your car’s appearance.

Of course, detailing also involves the car’s interior.  The carpet and upholstery will be vacuumed and shampooed to get rid of any stains and dirt.  If your car has leather, we can scrub it and condition it.  We also use special cleaners and brushes to clean any plastic, vinyl, glass, or other hard surfaces in your car’s interior. 

Want your car to look like new?  Bring it to Northeast Collision for a thorough auto detailing today.

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