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Most people rely on their cars for their everyday transportation needs. So, if you have been in an accident or suffered damage to your care, you want auto body repair that is fast, but you also want work that is high-quality and affordable. Northeast Collision in Plainfield, New Jersey has been providing high-quality collision and body repair services to New Jersey for over 40 years and has done this by providing the highest quality work in the fastest time possible at a reasonable price.

When people think of auto body repairs, they immediately think of car accidents. While we do collision work at Northeast Collision, we also focus on other types of body work. Has your vehicle suffered hail damage? Have you sustained damage to your paint job? Do you have broken auto glass and need to replace a windshield or window? All of these damages are also considered auto body repair, and we are happy to provide those services to our customers.

We are also happy to offer our customers plenty of choices in their auto repair process. Many car repairs are covered by insurance, but sometimes people want to pay for repairs themselves, rather than claim damages on their own insurance, or may have been in an accident with an uninsured motorist. At those times, the costs of auto body repairs becomes really crucial to the person getting the repair. That is why Northeast Collision is proud to offer our customers choices. Depending on what type of damage your vehicle has sustained, we may be able to work with the existing parts to restore your car to a drivable condition. If you need a replacement part, we can explain to you the cost for the four different types of parts: original equipment manufacturer (OEM), automotive aftermarket, reconditioned original equipment, or used parts. We can break down the costs of painting just the repaired section or giving the entire vehicle a new paint job. We also do a free 31-point inspection of your vehicle to let you know if there are any issues outside of the body work that should be addressed. We do all of this so that our customers know what a repair is going to cost, whether the repair or replacement is necessary and why, and how long it is going to take before beginning the body work. Since our days as Frank’s Auto Repair, we have been committed to informing our customers, so that they can enter into a surprise-free repair process.

We do little things to simplify the process along the way, from dealing directly to your insurance company to working with a rental car company to help you get a rental car; we know that the repair is only of the problems you face and are committed to helping make the repair process as stress-free as possible.

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