Did you get into a fender bender? Don’t worry. Auto collisions can happen to anyone. If you got into an auto accident that caused damage to your vehicle, you will eventually want to get your vehicle fixed. First find out what your insurance will cover and then consider your options for auto collision repair in New Jersey. Here’s what you need to think about when you experience an auto collision and need repairs.

1. What will your insurance company be covering, and how much can you afford after the deductible?

Unfortunately, most of us in New Jersey cannot afford to repair our cars after a collision without any consideration for cost. Insurance may cover a large amount of your collision and damage repairs, so check first. Reputable auto body shops like Northeast Collision offer thorough assessments and work with all major insurance companies in New Jersey. They can help you sort out the details with your insurance company.

2. Is the damage affecting the safety of your car or your ability to drive it?

Not all collisions are purely cosmetic. Some cause damage to headlights, engine, axels, and other important structural and mechanical elements of the vehicle. In these cases, you will need to take these repairs seriously, by taking your vehicle to a trusted repair shop that not only does auto body work but also repairs, like Northeast Collision.

3. Will you want your car restored to its pre-collision state?

If so, you need to rely on an auto collision repair specialist that can match your factory issued paint and ensure all detailing looks exactly the way you want, if not better. If your pre-collision state needed some upgrades, now would be the perfect time to ask the specialists at Northeast Collision what your options are for aesthetic detailing of your vehicle

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