When it comes to auto body repair and service, rates are often wildly different from one shop to another. That’s why finding the right auto body service in Plainfield NJ is crucial. So here are a few things you should know before you sign up with one:

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Referrals are gold

Always, always listen to word-of-mouth referrals. You never know when you would get lucky and end up with the best auto body repair shop in your area. Reach out to your network as well. Ask for suggestions from friends and family. If there’s anyone in your network who’s had auto body work done on their cars, ask them for tips and advice. Don’t forget to go online. Your search won’t be complete until you check out shops in your area. With plenty of online options, it won’t take you long before you find the ideal auto body service in Plainfield NJ for you and your ride.

Estimates help a lot

Don’t limit yourself to the first repair shop you find. Scout around. Get estimates from several auto body repair centers, Edmunds says. The more choices you have, the better your final pick will be.

You need to ask the right questions

Car owners often have a ton of questions but are they the right one? So don’t go into this blind. Do your research, read up on the average repair costs, along with what you can expect from the service, and then list out your questions.

Look into the warranty

Some warranties are often much more restrictive than others. Make sure you take factor this in before you choose a service center. A good warranty policy can come in handy in the future and save you on a ton on repairs and expenses. So if you have to choose between two repair service providers, go with one that offers better warranty terms and coverage for you.

Follow your gut

There are plenty of unscrupulous providers out there. So be on the lookout for any signs of questionable behavior. If you think they’re hosing you or you somehow feel like they aren’t being entirely trustworthy, then the best thing to do is trust your gut. If something feels off, walk away and go elsewhere.

So keep these things in mind. For auto body services and repair in Plainfield NJ, you won’t have to go far. Northeast Collision offers a range of auto body services. Call us for a quote today.

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