One myth about auto body work is that it is only important after an accident. Many cars suffer damage from natural disasters like storms and freak accidents that cause damage to your car. Here are a few things to know before getting auto body work in New Jersey.

    1. Auto body work is not about fixing your car’s engine.
    2. The difference between a mechanic and an auto body shop is that the auto body shop specializes in pretty much everything that does not involve the engine or brake system. Anything involving the structure, frame, or aesthetics of your car is covered by auto body work. Therefore, auto body work includes everything from fixing dents to painting your car. In many cases, auto body work is necessary for you to be able to drive the car, but an auto body shop will not fix things like your transmission unless it also has a mechanic on site. An auto body shop in New Jersey like Northeast Collision can refer you to a reputable mechanic if there are also mechanical issues with your car.

    3. Auto body work includes repairs to automotive glass.
    4. Glass is often damaged in a collision, accident, or a natural disaster. When the front or back windshields or passenger windows have been damaged, an auto body shop helps replace that glass so that you can drive safely once again.

    5. Auto body work may be covered by your insurance.
    6. A reputable and reliable auto body shop will tell you how to understand your insurance coverage so you know what you have to pay for out of pocket and how much it will cost. Auto body work is not cheap, but in many cases the insurance will cover the cost of the repairs. Also, the cost will vary depending on the nature of the damage.

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