Considering painting your car? If so, then you have probably started to investigate the cost of a paint job. If you have been looking on the internet for what you can expect to pay, then you are probably no closer than you were initially to getting the information you need. You will have learned that you might be able to get a basic paint job for as low as $300 but that you could pay $20,000 or more for a showroom-quality paint job on a classic vehicle requiring multiple applications of a custom-paint. With a range starting at $300 ($75 if you believe blogs that tell you that you can DIY your own auto paint job for just $75 in materials) and going upwards of $20,000, it can be difficult to estimate what you should expect to pay for your car painting job.

A better estimate of what you can expect to pay for a basic professional quality paint job is the $1000 to $3500 range, with $2500 being a median amount for what people pay for paint jobs that they find satisfactory. Satisfactory also depends a lot on the car owner’s expectations. Is the paint job to restore the appearance of a well-running but visually unattractive car to boost its resale value, to keep a beloved vehicle in pristine condition, or part of a restoration of a classic automobile? All of these factors can impact how satisfied a customer will be with different levels of paint jobs.

Factors that can impact the cost of the paint job include the size and type of car, the type of paint selected, the condition of the car prior to painting, whether the car needs any repairs before painting (such as sanding or buffing), whether rust removal is required, whether the car is a single-color or paint or will require a pattern, whether trim will be removed or masked off before painting, and whether the paint job will include areas of the car that are not seen from the outside, such as under the hood or in car doors. You want to make sure that you are comparing quotes for the same type of work, because a reputable collision shop’s “basic” paint job may be a luxury paint job at a budget car painting establishment.

At Northeast Collision, we know that we are not the cheapest car painting place you can find. We have our ASE and I-CAR certified technicians follow a multi-step procedure to prep your car before painting it and use computerized color-matching to ensure that we offer a great paint job, even at our lowest price points. For an estimate on the cost of painting your vehicle to your specifications, call us today.

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