If you need or want your car painted for whatever reason, the first step will be for you to get an estimate from a reputable body shop. But how will you know if the estimates are reasonable or not? The more estimates you get in the same area of New Jersey, the more accurate your assessment will be. However, the estimates for car painting sometimes vary widely.

Surface Area & Type of Paint Job

A few things that can impact the cost for car painting in New Jersey will be obvious to you including the size of the area that needs to be painted. Touching up a ding on your door is going to cost a lot less than redoing the paint job on your entire vehicle. However, other elements will affect the pricing too. The quality or brand of the paint, the difficulty of the job and whether dents need to be taken out before the painting can begin, and the level of prep work needed will also impact the cost of car painting.

Different Costs for Labor

Different auto body shops in New Jersey may have different costs for labor and even for the paint itself. Be careful when you receive an unusually low estimate—it could mean that the paint job and the quality of the paint will both be cheap. Cutting corners on your paint job is a waste of money. You could spend quite a bit on a paint job, only to find that it looks terrible, does not match, or that you need to get it touched up a month later.

Depending on the surface area, the age of your car, and the type of paint job, your costs could range from the low hundreds to the low thousands. Before you make your final decision, call a reliable shop like Northeast for an accurate and reasonable estimate for car painting.

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